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Carbon footprint

It’s the starting point of your climate strategy. It provides you with all necessary information to design your action plan : KPIs, climate goals … Cool Down project is certified by the Association Bilan Carbone.

Low-carbon strategy

Thanks to a wide range of expert consultants, we form tailor-made teams to guide you through your low-carbon strategy to develop and manage your business and communicate on your results using SBTI methodology.

ESG Ambassadors Program

Do you have ESG ambassadors or referents within your company? Increase their motivation and skills to empower them and enable them to be an integral part of your ESG strategy.

Climate Fresk

A 3 hours, 4 phases workshop to understand the causes, effects, consequences and impacts of climate change. An ideal introduction to the impacts of this phenomenon.

Local Communities

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Local implementation of your local strategy

Thanks to a wide range of consultants specialized in their field, we gather a team able to guide you in the concrete implementation of your climate and biodiversity strategy.


Assist in funding applications

In order to maximise the impact of your projects, we support you in your search and application to national or European funding to finance your projects.


Awareness-raising workshops

We are offering numerous workshops that are particularly well suited to raise awareness among local representatives, citizens and local authority employees (Inventing low-carbon lives, The Ecological Renaissance workshop).

ESG Ambassadors’ Programme

Do you have employees in your local authority who are particularly involved in these issues? Increase their motivation and their ability to take actions and make them key actors in the implementation of your climate strategy.